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That’s it.  My days of visiting at the local municipal mulch pile are over.  After last weekend’s 16 miles on trails in my Minimus shoes, I felt perfectly fine, and so I made the fatal error of going to the mulch pile and filling up some containers with mulch, then bringing them home and spreading it.   I was all excited about being able to run in the 4mm-drop shoes with no more Achilles problems, and not really worrying about the other parts of my body.  But, that just may have been the mulch that broke the camel’s back, because after carrying the bucket of tadpoles from the pond to my car (water is heavy!), and lifting a 17 lb bag of kitty litter, my back fought back.  I woke Monday morning, took one step, and was suddenly unable to move.  Well, I guess maybe I could have moved, but each time I tried to, I experienced a pain that I would call a 10.  (With unmedicated childbirth and an impacted wisdom tooth being 8’s.)  In the end, I spent the day in bed, and by evening was able to move about by pushing myself along using a wheeled desk chair for short distances.  48 hours lter I was walking again, having vowed never to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.

But having not  run all week,  I was plenty cranky when I saw a doctor on Friday to discuss my chronic back pain.  He was interesting.  In essence he said “Hey, stop complaining, of course you have arthritis, you’re getting old, join the club!”  So inspirational..in a depressing sort of way.  But I like him.  He had the sense not to tell me to stop running, and he didn’t tell me that all that pounding is bound to hurt your back.  He gave me a prescription for Ultram to have on hand for th next episode, and convinced me to bite the bullet and have an MRI.  I forgot to tell him about my hatred of small enclosed spaces, though, so we’ll see how it goes.

Today, my back pain was just about a 3.5, so I decided to go out for a shorter than usual long-run on trails (about 7 miles)  in my Minimuses (Minimi?), armed with a pre-run dose of Vitamin I.  Houston Meadow looks very different now..dogwoods in bloom, and may apples in the woods.  Pictures next time.


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It’s time for the Whine of the Week.  Today I awoke with one of those stabbing nerve-pinch kind of pains in my lower back on the right side, and was having a little trouble walking.. so I thought I’d try running.  Just to be on the safe side, I took half an Ibuprofen before leaving the house.  Lo and behold, I felt no pain once I started running.  As I’ve said before, back pain is mysterious.  It was raining lightly and I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour too far from home, so I ran an impossibly convoluted course, trying to cover some miles while not straying too far from my origin.  It’s times like this when a Garmin would really come in handy..because entering my route into MapMyRun requires me to remember where I was, and I wasn’t really paying that much attention.  I was listening to Dan Carlin’s latest podcast.  I’m guessing it was about nine or ten miles but they were definitely what the serious runners of the world would call junk miles.  And ya know what?  I don’t care!  I embrace the junk miles.  They relax me, and take my mind off life’s incessant stressiness.

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