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OK, first off, it snowed.  It seems like the weather goddess is having some fun with me, because my last race featured rain and flooding.  So after scraping, hacking and shoveling the 4 inches of snow off my car without a scraper, and crawling in through the back because the front doors were frozen shut, I made my way to Evansburg State Park for the 10 mile trail race.  The state park roads were plowed and the race started at 10:10, because of ice in the parking lot, after the usual Ron Horn amusing pre-race pronouncements about the risk of death and dismemberment etc.  I started at the back, not feeling the need to really compete, as I mostly just wanted to not fall down this time.   And I succeeded.   In addition to lots and lots of mud, this race featured something I had not experienced before: snow balls falling from the sky, or possibly the trees.  Two of the stream crossings planned were eliminated because of current and the risk of hypothermia, but there were a couple of smaller stream crossings, and plenty of mud holes.  Only at one point was the snow deep enough to really present a challenge, and it mostly felt like trying to run in loose sand on the beach.  In any case I finished  without injury in 1:39, I think.

At least the parking lot was plowed!

The good:  10:00 start (much better than the usual 8am), really well marked course, handy stream crossings to wash the mud off, WARM and clean indoor rest rooms!

The bad:  Nothing really, unless you don’t like snowballs falling on your head.  Wear a hat.  Hot coffee at the finish would have been nice, though.

Note: This race is part of the USATF off-road series.


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