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Late winter in Philadelphia is nothing to write home about..while the air occasionally seems spring-like, the scenery is blah, no snow, just bleak leafless trees.  According to Punxatawny Phil, we can expect 6 more weeks of this, though I’m  a bit skeptical of rodent-based meteorology.  Saturday I explored part of the Wissahickon’s yellow and green trails that I didn’t know existed.  Sunday, I was pressed for time and couldn’t think of any trails close by that I particularly wanted to visit in this time of year, so I got the brilliantly misguided idea to go do some track repeats.  I admit, I’ve recently skimmed “Run Less Run Faster” and was perhaps entertaining silly ideas of an impressive finish at the Ambler Running Club’s Frostbite 5-miler race coming up  in a  couple of weeks.  I now realize what a silly notion that was.  And I’ve come to the bigger  realization that running around a track is like circling the drain for  me.  I can’t stand laps.  Track repeats suck the life out of me; they nibble away at my soul.     The plan today was to warm up fo 2 or 3 laps, then do a speed lap, then a slow lap, etc.  By the time I finished the warmup laps I could barely muster the energy to do a fast lap.  It was as if gravity was somehow super-concentrated on that track.  I managed, I think, 6 laps in total, before giving up, putting on my water belt and heading out for the road.  I ended up doing a 5 mile run around some moderately hilly suburban streets with much more ease and happiness than the 1.5 miels of track running.  So, I give up.  I don’t care about getting faster.

18 miles for the weekend.




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