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So, the weekly LSD run is being replaced by the weekly LHR, the Low Heart Rate run, the goal being to keep the heart rate around 115  or so for the duration of the run.  Today, I did 9 miles at an average heart rate of 114, and once I got the initial spike over with, it stayed where I wanted it to be.  In order to maintain the heart rate, I had to walk up Hull drive, (which really should be called Hill drive, because that’s what it is..one long hill).  Since my AT started hurting at mile 1.5, running up the hill wasn’t an option anyway.  In the graphs below, (green is elevation, red is heart rate), Hull drive is the first hill.  The trough at mile 6 is running down to the Wissahickon via trail, and walking back up.  I didn’t worry about my cadence or pace, I just monitored HR and mileage.  I’m not sure if this is beneficial or not, it’s really just an experiment.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.56.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.56.32 PM


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I am trying to rid myself of the ‘more is better’ mindset.  This is hard.    This week, life intruded on my Tuesday run so I got in only 14.5 miles for the week, spread across Thursday Saturday and Sunday.  I feel bad about this.  I feel that the running gods are judging me.    I feel a strong urge to double up next week to make up for it.  But I know I should get over these feelings and focus not on running more, but on running better.  Otherwise, my Achilles tendon will never get better and I’ll be hobbling around for the rest of my life.  So, since I am tracking both my heart rate and my pace with my Wahoo-Garmin combination anyway, I have decided to take on the goal of to increasing my pace while keeping my heart rate the same.  To this end, I am calculating the ratio of pace to heart rate, and tracking that variable over time, hoping to see it increase.  This enables me to (1) have an achievable goal that doesn’t involve more mileage (2) increase my cardiovascular health and (3) create a spreadsheet!  and graphs!  I love graphs!

Meanwhile, pictures from this weekend’s runs:  Wissahickon and Pastorius Park.

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