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I went to a new PT last week, and he did an evaluation in response to my lateral hip pain.  He did that thing where you lie on the side and raise your top leg laterally and try to resist when the evaluator pushes down on it.  He said that my right hip was rock solid , super-strong and he could “do push-ups on it” if he wanted to, which I think was a poor choice of words and I’m not exactly sure how that would work, but OK, so I’m strong on that side.  He also said that my left side abductors were “profoundly weak.’  But the right side is the one that seems to usually be out of whack with the weird rotation and the tendinopathy pronation and torn meniscus and whatnot.  So I’m not sure why it would be so much stronger, unless I’ve just been focusing on it more in my exercises.  Interestingly, this is the exact opposite result of a previous evaluation in 2013.   Then it was my right side that was weaker.  So either physical therapist evaluations have non-reprodicible results or I am slowly oscillating between being  weak on the right side and weak on the left side.  I imagine most people have a stronger side, but I can’t quite figure out why there would be such a dramatic difference.  It just get weirder and weirder.


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How did we runners ever survive before podcasts?  Not only do they help me run 10 or more miles without dropping over from boredom, but I’ve learned so many very useful things about fitness and running from them. (Thanks, Trailrunner!  Thanks Ben Greenfield!)   Recently I found Physioedge, which has the added bonus of being Australian.  There is just something about an Australian accent.  I find  Aussies all sound somehow  ruggedly sporty and capable of wrestling alligators and sharks, and therefore more credible.  So, I’m pretty sure this interview with  Dr. Alison Grimaldi about lateral hip pain  is going to help me fix my pesky hip enthesopathy/IT Band Stuff  once and for all.  Yes, I know, I always get excited about some new treatment, which typically fails to magically fix everything, but this one is not about a new treatment, it’s more just a really precise synthesis of what is known about this condition and how to treat it.

This is something I’ve had two or three times over the past 20 years.  I finally got rid of it a few years back with an intense regimen of exercises, but of course, I stopped doing the exercises when the pain stopped, and then other injuries happened, and I had to focus on rehabbing from them.  And now it’s back.  So, what I really need is just a couple of things I can do to target this condition that are sustainable for the kong-term.  I need to listen to this podcast again, but one thing I learned that made me really happy was that I can stop doing clam shells!  They aren’t that great for targeting the glute med and they provoke pain.  Yay!  I have alway hated clamshells.  So apparently I can stick with my lateral leg raises and bridges and single leg stands on a pillow.  Two of those I can even do at my office while working at my standing desk.   So, if I can do 3 exercises three times a day, rather than 20 exercises a couple of times a week, I think that’s a win.

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