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Time for another MapMyRun rant. 

This morning’s LST was a seven-ish mile loop covering both north and south  sides of Forbidden Drive going east from Valley Green, and taking a dogleg up Cresheim Creek and over the McCallum Street bridge.  Link to Map .   I made two mistakes with GPS recording my run, and in both cases MapMyRun refused to let me correct them in any reasonably easy way.  First, as usual, I forgot to turn on the GPS at the start of the run, but remembered a mile into the run.  So, at the end, I need to add that mile on, which should have been easy because I knew my starting point., but I couldn’t do it, so I had to extend the endpoint back to the start.  this worked only because my run was a loop.  The second thing I did was neglect to pause recording when I got into my car to drive home.  The reason I tend to do this sometimes is that when I end at Valley Green, MapMyRun won’t save my route because it can’t find the network.  It seems to be hard to get a signal there.  So I typically drive up out of the park, then pull over and save my route, but if I forget to pause it, it thinks I’m still running, albeit much faster than normal, when I’m driving.  The bottom line was that I needed to edit the map, and here’s where MapMyRun makes me crazy.  Editing the route is incredibly laborious and in the end I usually just give up.    The only way I can see to do it is to move a zillion little points by hand, and it doesn’t seem to want to follow roads in edit mode.  It needs an eraser feature!  Oh well.  So my map for today if off by about a mile, I think.

Nature-wise, it was another chipmunk-laden run.   I saw a scarlet tanager later in the day on a walk in the same area, so I mention it here for posterity.  Friends of the Wissahickon has a bird guide here.  I also saw a red squirrel, which they list as uncommon.  To me it looked like an itty-bitty fox-squirrel hybrid.  Hey,  you never know..it could happen!

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Since Saturday’s LST was replaced by a race (which I’ll review in another entry), I did my weekly LST on Sunday.  With limited success.  I got the slow part, and the trail part, but the long part was a bit of a challenge.  It ended up at about 7.8 miles but the last half mile I pretty much walked.   I’m telling myself it was a combination of fatigue from the race the day before, and  not being acclimated to the hot weather yet.  So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I realized I’m tired of the white trail, so I took the yellow trail instead, with some brief forays onto Forbidden Drive.  The good news is I managed to use the new MapMyRun app on my iPhone, and take pictures which automatically showed up as push pins on my map, and I did all of this without losing them as I did last time.   But the bad news is when I uploaded the map, the pictures came with it, but the locations of the pictures did not.  Oh well.  Baby steps.  Eventually I’ll have this all figured out.

So interestingly, today’s run forms a cartoon face in profile with a big nose.  I’m not sure who it represents, but maybe I’ve created a new art form..cartograffiti?    The course is here:


My route today took me past Courtesy Stables, where I took some pictures of ponies and horses route took me

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