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I now have New Balance trail Minimus shoes, and have been wearing them for a week or so, on and off, sort of alternating with my Saucony Foot Coffins (SFC’s) which by the way, I actually still like a lot.  The Mizunos are now my weekend walkaround shoes and the vehicle through which I attach my custom orthotics to my feet when I feel the need to wear the orthotics.   I’m not sure if the Minimi  are helping or hurting…I’ve only worn them for a maximum of 5 miles at a time.  They’re very comfortable, and I have no soreness in the calves or feet, but they’ve made me aware that I have such a thing as an Achilles tendon, which I’d never really noticed before.  No soreness, just awareness.  It feels odd running in them.  I wonder what my gait looks like.  I think I’m not crazy about the so-called ‘toe spring’, that is, the way the toes curve up off the ground sort of like modified elf shoes.  Is it supposed to make me spring forward better?  Since my toes don’t bend up toward the sky on their own, it seems that shoes that try to impose that shape on my foot are not being true to the minimalist goal.  Just sayin’.


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