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Pennypack Trail

Saturday I wanted to do 10 miles off-road, so I decided to do Pennypack for a change of pace.  Little did I know that it was the day of the AppleFest at Fox Chase Farm, so parking at the Pine Road entrance to the park was not remotely likely.  After driving around the Great Northeast for a while, I found a trailhead on a street whose name I no longer recall, close to Pine Road, and followed a short single-track down to the creek, back to Pine Road, over the bridge and to my starting point.  Running conditions were great; the bike trail and the horse trail were clear, and I went as far as Bustleton Ave.  I was hoping not to have to retrace my steps to come back, so I crossed over and got on the footpath on the other side of the creek, but quickly found it slow-going.   Downed trees were all over the place, and for some reason they had not fallen conveniently at the proper height for a 5’3″ person to leap over, so I had to either scramble clumsily up and over them, or in some cases,  crawl under them.  The trail went straight into brush piles at times.  Wanting to move a little faster,   I crossed back over t my first opportunity and came back by the horse trail to Pine Road, where the AppleFesters had dispersed.  I estimate, with the help of MapQuest, it was  a 10.7 mile trip.

Upside: Creek views the whole way, choice of paved bike trill or unpaved food/horse path most of the time.

Downside:  No restrooms.  Don’t be fooled by the building that appears to be a restroom..the toilets looked they might have worked twenty years ago,  and even if they did work, there is  definitely no toilet paper, and by the way, there is no light in there.  I didn’t try the sink..it was just too scary in there.  Note to Friends of Pennypack Park..if you want to build a composting toilet, I’ll donate!


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