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Well, my running is still curtailed by this pesky hip problem which has now become a literal pain in the butt..some sort of piriformis/sacroliliac/who-knows-what syndrome  (that’s HKWS) that’s causing pain in my, um, derriere and halfway down my leg on one side.  But enough about that..what I really want to whine about in this post is PT.   I’ve been thinking a lot about why I dislike PT so much.  Sure, there are the usual intellectual reasons..the huge amount of time it takes, the fact that each visit costs me the same as a doctor visit but there are 8 or 12 times as many of them; the fact that it often amounts to nothing more than supervised exercise..but lately I’ve been noticing that it’s not just the rational objections that make me dread it.  There is something sort of unpleasant and stress-indusing about the whole experience, and I think I’ve figured out part of it.  It’s the togetherness.  When I go to a doctor, it’s pretty much a private 1-1 experience.  But when I go to the PT, I’m there in a room  with a bunch of total  strangers , all bring treated at one time, usually by the same practitioners.  That’s weird, isn’t it?  I mean, imagine going to the doctor and sharing your time slot with three other people in the same exam room?  And yeah, I  go to group exercise at the gym with people I don’t know, but PT is not like going to Zumba, where you’re basically doing a group activity and there’s music playing and it’s all happy happy.  It’s more like being in a stranger’s hospital room, where no one is having fun and you’re trying hard to ignore one another.

At my most recent therapy  session I had to do my exercises on a table about 2 feet from a guy with back trouble and try as I might, I couldn’t avoid hearing him telling the therapist all about how much pain he was in.  It felt intrusive.  And then I had to listen to the therapist having a long detailed and loud conversation with the woman on the table to my right, all about her wedding plans,  for at least 15 minutes while she performed some manual therapy.  (Believe me, there is nothing less interesting than someone else’s wedding plans. )   The therapist was, I guess, quadruple booked, so I can see how it was convenient to have everyone close together but from my standpoint, it wasn’t much fun.

I don’t know.  I suppose that PT couldn’t make economic sense if it were always 1-1 but for me it’s just one more reason to avoid it.  Anyway, I only lasted 1 session at that particular PT, and I am switching to one where, for whatever reason, there seem to be only 1 or 2 patients there at a time usually.  And if that doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll have to take the last resort and go to the ortho, which I doubt will be productive.  I suspect that what I really need is a good trigger point therapist but my insurance doesn’t cover that. That’s probably ironic, right?


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