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Thursday I split my miles again; 3 in the morning on the road, about 5 or 6 in the evening on trails.  For some reason I was keeping my mileage low this week…can’t remember what my reasoning was now.  No LST Saturday; instead I did laps around the field behind my house.  (Clearly I’m desperately for a change, because I’ve always hated running laps.)  Sunday I ran the Radnor Red Steeple Chase in the morning, and did a 5 mile slow run in the evening, in keeping with my new plan.  Won another awesomely tacky bobble-butt horse (or ass) trophy for 1st place in AG.

Two more races in the off-road series, but the next one isn’t until October.  So September is wide open to do whatever I want, without worrying about injuring myself and not being able to run a race.


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