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Chronicles of RagNarnia

Friday I volunteered  at Exchange 4 of the Inaugural Pennsylvania Ragnar Relay, Lancaster to the Poconos, which was at the Twin Brook Winery in Gap.  I was volunteering on behalf of Team 11 Mustangs and a Sally, aka 8 Mustangs and a Sally (there were a few drop-outs).  On my way there I passed a wave of runners from the 9AM start, one of whom was running in a full gorilla suit, which seemed appropriate since earlier I had passed a giant banana on the run.  On one of the roads near the exchange, there was a gaggle of about 15 Amish kids sitting on a fence watching the runners go by.   It was a beautiful day in Lancaster County and the runners seemed to enjoy the scenery, and all the out-of-towners got a big kick out of the quaintly named Intercourse, PA.

So, the challenge of running a relay exchange can be summed up in 2 words: traffic control.  Dressed in an alarmingly orange T-shirt and luminescent vest, you get to wave an orange flag, tell the  van  drivers where to park and people where to stand (basically: Not in the road!).  The goal is to keep anyone from being run over on your watch.  At least, that was my goal.  Also,  you  get to check off the runners as they come into the chute, and chat with runners during the busy times.  During the lulls, you sit in the shade of a tree and read.  Occasionally you are pummeled by a shower of black walnuts falling from the tree onto your head, but this is good, because it ensures you don’t doze off and miss an incoming runner.  I volunteered with Geeta and Linda from the GSK Team “There’s a Pill for That”.  GSK sounds like a fun place to work.  Now I’m asking myself why Penn didn’t have a Ragnar Team.   Hmm..  Anyway, I think my favorite team theme was the team on which everyone had a mustache.  Even the women.  My favorite names?  Gang Green and Chronicles of Ragnarnia.

Anyway, definitely a fun way to spend an October afternoon.  Next year, I think I have to run.


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