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Ran the rockiest  trails I could find in the Wissahickon gorge this morning, ( which, I’m pretty sure ,are the rockiest trails on earth), in my New Balance Minimus WT10s.  It rained this morning so the rocks were wet.  I have to say I did not feel as sure of my footing with the Vibram soles as I do with the more rugged snow-tire trail shoes I’m used to running in.  I felt just a little slippage on some wet rocks, and yes, I did feel the sharp rocks through the shoes when I landed on them, but nothing horrible happened; the shoes and my feet survived.  I’m still taking it easy on the miles, though, because I don’t think my knees or Achilles tendons have quite adjusted yet.  People told me my calves would hurt getting used to these shoes, but they don’t at all.  If nothing else, I think these shoes  have cured me of heel striking.  I think.


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