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This evening’s run was supposed to be a sunset run along the river, and it sort of was, but I spent too much time in the locker room and got out onto the bike trail just a few minutes late.  It ended up being more of a dusk run.  The weather was  nice..in the forties, though a little chilly running straight into the wind on the way out.

I had 2 pairs of running shoes in my locker, one of which were trail shoes I like but they’re really a half size too small and I should really give them away.   The others were some nondescript New Balance shoes useful mostly for working on the elliptical machine.  But I wore them anyway and that was probably not the best idea because I had some sort of friction thing happening on ball of my right foot.  Oh well.  Only 6.5 miles.  I did notice that while I could run on my midfoot, it didn’t come very naturally in these shoes.  So, I think I now have about 6 pairs of running shoes, and I can probably only wear two of them, and probably only should wear one of them, the Sauconys.

My theory of shoes has always been that since I never know how shoes are going to work out until I’ve put some miles on them, I shouldn’t spend a lot them, so I tend to buy shoes at the discount store.  The trouble with that is that if I later find out they work well, I typically can’t find that model ever again.  The more I like a pair of shoes, the more likely that the model will be wiped off the face of the earth.  And those evil shoe-powers-that-be seem to delight  in coming out with a new model and an inscrutable model numbering scheme every few months.  I swear, if I ever find the perfect shoes, I’ll buy 10 pairs.  (Of course, if I did that, the next day I’d probably lose my feet in a tragic frostbite accident or something.)

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