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Every once in a while, something of mine falls through a small rift in the fabric of space-time ( which exists somewhere in my house), and ends up in a parallel universe where parallel me finds it and wonders where it came from, or perhaps it just ends up spinning around in the vast unknowable void, I don’t really know, but it disappears and I never see it again.  My blue foam roller is one of those things.  I am 100% sure I didn’t take it anywhere..why would i?  So unless an intruder came into my home while I was at work, left the TV and other portable electronics and took just the foam roller, then I can think of no other explanation.  Anyway, I refused to buy another one so on a recent visit to Home Despot I found a piece of 3″ PVC pipe.  I originally planned to cover it with a thin piece of HD foam, but I haven’t gotten around to that and am  just using it as-is.  I’m calling it my faux(m) roller.  It’s hard, and it’s a slightly different experience than using a foam roller, but it works pretty well.  I probably will cover it with a layer of something, though, because I’d like a little bit bigger diameter.

The plan isfoamless roller while I am healing my ankle and not allowed to run, I will work on strengthening the upper body and core, and and rolling out the tangled-up bits of muscle and  connective tissue in my legs.

Walked 5 miles today, but will deny it if the doctor asks.




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Today is my follow-up visit with the Sports Medicine Doctor.  I know she will ask me if I am better so I consult my blog to find the answer.  Yes!  A month ago, my ankle was hurting when I ran to catch the train, and now it usually only hurts when I run uphill or run more than about 4 miles.  So that’s progress.  In fact, according to my faithful Garmin, I ran 8 miles without having to stop for pain last week.  So, while I don’t feel anywhere near normal, I can’t deny I am improved.

My appointment is before work.  I talk with the doc and she seems upbeat.  She pinches, er, palpates my tendon and it is still really sore,  but I think that problem can be solved by not pinching it.  It is also still enlarged compared to the other one, but I personally feel that symmetry is overrated.  She says  she doesn’t think we need to do to the thing where they stick needles in your tendon down to the bone until it bleeds.  She says she doesn’t think I need an MRI.  Neither do I.  She asks if I want to renew the nitro prescription and I think about it..hmmm…is there any reason I want to squirrel away some nitro patches for some illicit use?  I can’t actually think of any illicit use for nitro patches, because as far as I can tell they just give you a headache, so I say no.  The doctor thinks I should go back to the PT again and get more advanced exercises.  I agree to do this providing I can find a time when “Rick” isn’t triple booked.  And actually I want to go back,because I want validation that my self-prescribed exercise regime is beneficial.

I stop at the PT counter and ask for a copy of my evaluation from last time I was here.  I scan it hastily and determine that I will need to do lots of googling to get through it, as it is laced with more jargon and initialisms than anything I’ve ever seen before.  I see the term “inadequate flexibility” in about 12 places.  And lots of stuff about rotation and compensation.  In other words, I’m a mess!  But I knew that already. Then I spy a part that really perturbs me.  It’s  the section on ” factors impacting prognosis” and it says:  “low motivation”.  Low motivation!  Me?  Now I really want to go back..just to prove “Rick” wrong in his stinging assessment of my motivation.   In fact, I would say I am highly motivated to go back.  And I plan to demonstrate a stunning improvement in strength and stretchiness.  So there.

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