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So, finally, I’ve reached the point where my trochanteric pain syndrome-slash-hip bursitis-slash- IT band syndrome has made me stop running.  I’ve promised myself I’m not going to run until I can run 5 miles pain-free, and also walk and sleep pain free.  The sleeping part has been the hardest so far.  No matter how I start out sleeping, I always end up  rolling onto my affected side (the left side) which causes pressure on the affected hip and eventually an intense pain that wakes me up.  So then I roll over onto my right side and somehow that causes the same left side pain as sleeping on the left side..I’m assuming that the IT band or some other structure in there is compressing the inflamed bursa  in that position.  But  my body really, really wants to curl up on my side to sleep, even though my brain knows it’s gonna hurt.  Back-sleeping is just wrong!   Of course, it goes without saying that I asked the Internet how to keep from rolling onto my side, but all I got was advice on how to keep a baby from rolling over.  Apparently side-sleeping is bad for babies?    Anyway, unless I figure out how to somehow affix my back to the mattress,  or construct some sort of bumpers to hold me in place, I think it’s going to be a while before I can get through the night.  But meanwhile, (thanks to the internet  of course), I’ve learned that sleeping on my side is actually good for my brain.  So, there’s that.


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