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So, I suppose it will be ironic if I finally have to filter the Pretzel City Sports race emails into my SPAM folder, not because of their sheer volume, not because of their borderline-offensive off-color jokes, but because it is just too depressing to get notifications of all the races I can’t run.   Or shouldn’t run.  Oh well.

Today’s events.

I run 4 miles in Mizunos and orthotics.   My running form has adapted to my injuries and re-adapted to the cushiony shoes.  I can’t be sure, but, I’m pretty sure I am running like Rocky.  Or like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man.  I’m using my upper body a lot, and breathing heavily.  I feel I should be wearing a Champion hoodie sweatshirt and baggy sweat pants instead of  lycra yoga pants and a girlie magenta fleece top. My knees hurt from the orthotics, but my ankle isn’t so bad.  Surprisingly, I am able to keep my heart rate at 121 for most of the run.  At the very end, I run through Pastorius Park (aka, the doggie park).  It is doggie rush hour,   the peak after-work dog-walking time.   A Bernese mountain dog woofs at me endearingly, and a hot dog in a little sweater sends the cute-o-meter into the red zone.  I feel energized by all the canine cuteness and accidentally speed up.  I check my heart rate, and it is 147.  All the dogs’ fault.  But I notice that my ankle hasn’t hurt for the last couple of miles.

After my run I go to PT.  Today is a Heather day.   I learn that Heather is a runner.  We discuss how much we hate ellipticals trainers.  We do ultrasound and iontophoresis.  This is my third visit and I can’t yet tell if it helping.  I will give it another week.





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MapMyRun is mocking me..it congratulated me on my “awesome workout”.  I logged a pitiful 4.5 miles on Saturday.  On flat ground.  Really, sloooowly.  Still having trouble keeping my heart rate stable in the target zone.  It jumps up to 130 when I start out, then settles down at 117-119.  It’s really hard to hit 121.

Back to the saga of the Achilles tendon.

Tuesday, Feb 19.  Unimproved but still hopeful, I arrive early at my PT appointment.  My PT today is Steve.  I learned my lesson and didn’t shave the ankle..and iontophoresis doesn’t burn at all this time.    We complete the iontophoresis, then move on to another modality, ultrasound.  That’s what the PT industry calls the stuff they do.  Modalities.  I figure, the more modalities the better.  Steve tells me I shouldn’t feel anything with the ultrasound.  Oddly, I do.   There is a certain spot where, when he touches it with the ultrasound thingy, I experience, err, ‘significant discomfort’ (I enjoy employing medical-type terminology.  It makes me feel like one of the “care team!”)  Anyway, this is interesting, and unexpected, apparently, so I am  hopeful that maybe those sound waves are penetrating the tendon and breaking up some sort of accumulated badness.  The PT asks if I’ve had an MRI.  He says I might have some tears in the tendon.  I ask if there would be any change in the treatment if that were the case.  He says no.  I say I’ll skip the MRI.    He asks if I have tried prolotherapy.  I haven’t.  I am excited because now I have something new to spend hours looking up on the Internet.  I leave, and stop and buy a bottle of Merlot before walking home.   Just another modality.  I’m pretty sure Merlot has holistic healing properties.

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