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Yesterday I ran 9.5 miles, the farthest I’ve run since my injury last October.  Actually, I had planned to run 9, but accidentally ran 9.5.  I blame it on Strava.

My system has been to add one mile per week.  So, next Saturday I’ll run 10.  Beyond that is anyone’s guess.  I just want to hit 10.  For no particular reason other than 10 miles is a respectable distance, and a nice round number.

I don’t have the sense that the meniscus is healing.  I have just as much pain and inflammation as before.  I just think I’m getting much better at compensating.  Or ignoring pain.  One or the other.

A coolish humid morning in the Wissahickon.  5 miles on the bridle path with Shawmont club, and 2.5 miles on the white trail, over Fingerspan bridge, then 2 back.  There was a race being run, going in the opposite direction.  I miss racing.


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My goal for the weekend was just ten miles.


I manage a slow 4 mile jog on sidewalks punctuated by frequent AT stops.  I realize too late that I need to avoid hills, which is impossible in my neighborhood, since, well, I live on a hill.  Hull Drive was a particularly bad idea as it is a really long hill.  Average HR 114, Max 142 (at the start).


Learning from my error yesterday, I do a field trip to the lower part of Fort Washington State Park and adjacent parkland, on a little bit of the Green Ribbon Trail.  This is the flattest place I know that’s close by.  People are fishing in the creek, though I didn’t see anyone catch anything.   The ground is completely covered in a yellow flower that looks like lesser celandine, aka pilewort, pretending to be a native wildflower.  (Why would you name a plant pilewort?  It sounds like an unpleasant medical condition. ) All the little yellow flowers are very spring-like  and happy looking, but I’m pretty sure this stuff is an exotic invasive .  (Generally whenever you see something doing really well around here, it’s an exotic invasive.)    Anyway, I do 6 miles on the very-flat bike path and a little bit on the “nature trail”, though I don’t see any nature other than more freaking pilewort.  OK, I’ll stop being a flower-Scrooge now.  It’s Spring, yay, flowers!

I decide to experiment with cadence versus heart rate, using Podrunner.  On flat ground, a HR in my target zone of 121 means a cadence of only 173.  At a normal 180 cadence, my heart rate is between 126 and 130.  Today’s numbers: Average HR 130, Max 189 at the start.



The Wissahickon Creek near Valley Green Rd


Dog walkers

Dog walkers


Yellow patches are lesser celandine



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