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Well, I’ve had yet another demonstration of how my running is a delicately balanced house of cards, and all it takes is one itty bitty butterfly flapping its wings of chaos to knock it over.  In this case the butterfly was a mysterious illness, which sidelined me from running for a couple of days,  and as a result my running schedule got out of whack..prompting me to make the fateful decision to work out at the gym just to get in some exercise.  I avoided the dread-mill, since I hate it so much, but I did use those other evil machines of destruction, two different versions of some elliptical-stair-simulator-thingy.   This did something bad to my hips.   Then, as if that weren’t enough, yesterday I had to cut my Thursday run short because of work, so I got on my stationary bike that I haven’t ridden since Joe Biden was a junior senator (really) and rode it for an hour late last night.    Then today, I did a 7 mile lunch-hour run and both my knees were all hurty.  Sigh.


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