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Finally, snow!  

The first snow of the winter was only a couple of inches but it was enough to make me wait until afternoon to do my Saturday LSD, and enough to induce me to stay on Forbidden Drive.  It wasn’t so much that the trails were unrunnable, it was more that the  Wissahickon was deserted, and I figured if I fell and twisted something, there’s be no one round to help me get home.  It wasn’t really very cold, but I was dressed for running, and if I’d had to stop for long, I would have gotten chilled fairly quickly.  See, that’s the way I think..I’m a cautious sort of person.  Or what if a tree limb, made heavy by the snow, fell on me, and I had to saw off by leg to free myself!  OK, that was one was a bit extreme, but still..ya never know..

Interestingly, while the snow on my street (the snow I had to shovel) was wet and heavy, down by the creek it was powdery and dry.  So running on it was a little bit like running on sand at the beach, except for a few places where it had melted and then re-frozen.

So, before leaving I had dug out my Yak Trax from the closet for the first time this year.  When I went to put them on, I notied that one of the little rubber spokes had broken, and the metal springy-thing had gone awry, so I snipped of the rubber piece and then tried to repair the coil by attaching at a different point.  This was not really as successful as I had hoped, and by the end of my run, it felt as if the metal coil had imbedded itself in the sole of my shoe.  Yay! An excuse to by some new piece of gear..I’m sure that the Interwebs will son reveal that there have been advances in non-slip running since I got these.  Stay tuned.

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