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Easter Run

Today’s Easter run included horses and tadpoles,  but no Easter bunnies.   Bunnies seem to be notably absent from this area, a fact I’ve just recently taken notice of, since it is baby rabbit season.   At my old house in the suburbs, there would invariably be nests of tiny bunnies in the front yard about now,  to the amusement of the neighborhood kids and the neighbor’s Jack Russel terrier.  By July, there would be hordes of voracious rabbits eating all my vegetables.  Anyway, it was a balmy spring day in the Wissahickon, and  I did a short 5 miler.   I ran from Mt. Airy Avenue, where there is a vernal pool that his home to tons and tons of tadpoles, past Monastery Stables, where there were lots of horses out and about, to Blue Bell Meadow, to see the trail restoration there.    I took this route, using the  white trail, Forbidden Drive, and streets.  The orange trail was closed, according to signage, but it is supposed to be re-opened today.  As is normally the case, the trail work is necessitated by erosion problems.   The other night, I attended a lecture and panel discussion called “The Wissahickon, a Creek in Crisis”.   Coverage is here.  The message was, I think, that the Wissahickon is in trouble, but I’m not sure what we can do about it.  Anyway, since I had a 5 gallon bucket handy, I brought home a few tadpoles, now living comfortably in a 150 gallon stock tank in my back yard.

On the technology front, I’ve given up remembering the GPS watch.  So today’s route is courtesy of iMapMyRun on my iphone, which seems to be an easier and more featureful way to record a route, when it works.  At mile 4, the app just ceased functioning, presenting me with a grey screen of death that I couldn’t get past, so in the end, I had to manually edit in the last mile.  I think I’m going to need to elete and re-install the app.  Pictures are courtesy of the new iPhone.


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