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I’m shattered.

OK, not me exactly, just my iPod.  So, of all my running gear,  my ipod might just be the most important thing I run with.  I don’t leave home without it.  At least, not to run. Alas, today, at the beginning of my run,  a half block from my house, my new-ish Touch slipped out of the  wrist thingy I had it in, and crashed onto the sidewalk.  It couldn’t wait until I was on a nice soft dirt trail?  It had done this once before before and survived, but this time it hit right on the bottom corner, and the the glass of the screen cracked.  Oh well.  The lesson to be learned, I guess, is that the Touch is not as rugged as the Nano, (which not only survived several sidewalk collisions but went through the washing machine twice).  I suppose this will accelerate my purchase of an iPhone.    Meanwhile, I’m thinking duct tape for the screen.

Tuesday I did my first sunset run in a while, and today I did a shorter version of my usual neighborhood-trail hybrid run.  It is moss season in the Wissahickon.. moss all over the place.  Very green.

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